In August of 2006, my wife Jan and I began a nine-week auto tour of the US from California to the East Coast and back. Our main goal was to see special art exhibits at museums in New York City, Washington, DC and Boston, but I also wanted to photograph the art museums and other tourist sights on our route. We had made two similar trips in years past, but I had always used film cameras. This was my first photographic journey with all digital technology, including professional camera and laptop computer.    

    While we were driving across the country, we generally covered a few hundred miles each day, allowing time for some tourist attraction along the way. Once we got to the east coast, we made longer stays in the big cities. After we had seen all the big art shows, we worked our way west through Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. We viewed excellent art sites all along the way. In total we visited 35 art museums on this trip.

Crossing the Country